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My name is Véronique.  The benefits animals bring have always been central in my life. Although animals were present in parts of my childhood, it was in my early adulthood that I realised the power of their presence and healing.

It began 20 years ago, when I started dealing with a mental health illness. The first serious crash occurred when I was in university and I thank my first Alaskan Malamute for her presence in my life at that time. It is probably thanks to her that I am here doing what I am doing today.

I took a long detour to get here. From biology, to pharmaceuticals, to canine education, to organic farming, to sales, to customer service management… I have worn many hats! But life, with all of my ups and downs, always brought me back to the same themes: people and animals.

During my years without a dog, I would often seek contact with animals – mostly by asking people walking their dogs in the streets if I could pet them. It brought me peace and comfort. And so it was a pleasure for me to return this favour to others when Zodiak, my recent Alaskan Malamute, came into my life.

As it turns out, Zodiak had something very special to offer right from the start – people were drawn to him, were amazed by his calm nature, his gentle face, his love of humans. And although animal-assisted therapy had been floating in my mind for many years, he was the one who really gave me that final push I needed to launch myself into this wonderful journey.

Being an animal-assisted therapist gives me a feeling of well-being and a sense of accomplishment. I connect with the people I work with, having been (and continuing at times to be) in similar shoes. We all seek wellness, health, and inner peace. And that often requires hard work. My hope is to help people progress on their personal journey.

Today, Zodiak is not only there to support me, but to offer comfort, peace, well-being and much more to all of the people, old and young, who seek our services. Our belief is that we are here to help, give & share.  And we do this By your side…


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