Our Animal Partners


Zodiak, my Alaskan Malamute, is my “founding partner.”  With his gentle gaze and his striking size, one cannot help but feel attracted to him and impressed all at once.  He children, loves attention and he is always willing to show off a trick or two in exchange for a treat!

Monsieur Emile

Monsieur Emile is a cousin of the family. Despite his tiny size, he is Zodiak’s best dog buddy! They will usually work together when entertaining large groups of people. They make quite a pair!


And here is the beautiful Samoyed, Lilo, Zodiak’s lady friend. Gentle, soft and cuddly… she charms everyone with her love and her smile!


Let’s not forget the pretty Nessie, our Greyhound, the fastest of them all!  She is dainty, curious, loving and very easy to get attached to.


Frida is Zodiak’s half sister.  Although she does not live with us, she is always happy to join along for a day of therapy.  She is joyful and happy-go-lucky and is sure to give kisses to all who want. Frida and Zodiak make a stunning couple!


Kosmos is a young male cat. He is sweet and good-natured. He would happily spend an entire day curled up on someone’s lap while purring away!


Romeo is a young male dove. He is full of coos and cuddles! He loves to be held, at times likes to stretch his wings and fly around, and he is happy to sit on a shoulder and voice his rrrrrooooo-rrrooooos!

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